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Comprehension Tests
Collins, The Moonstone
Doyle, The Sign of Four
McDermid, The Mermaids Singing

Sherlock Holmes

PowerPoint Presentation Nursery Rhymes

Film noir - Neo noir
PowerPoint Big Sleep
PowerPoint Presentation Bogart

Blockseminar: Golden Age vs. Hard-Boiled Mode
Golden Age vs. Hard-Boiled Mode (bibliography Sayers/Chandler)
Instructions Group Work Golden Age
PowerPoint Group Work Golden Age
Instructions Group Work Hard-Boiled Mode
PowerPoint Group Work Hard-Boiled Mode
Analysis The Big Sleep, From Hell

Jack the Ripper
PowerPoint Jack the Ripper - the Case
Analysis From Hell
PowerPoint Jack the Ripper - Popularising the Ripper

Film Training


Rules of the Game
Handout Rules of the Game (J. Fforde)
PowerPoint Rules of the Game

Organisation (no password)
Course Schedule, Assignments
Was Sie schon immer wissen wollten...
SQ3R Reading Strategy

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