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PS Feminisms : Course Description

Course Description ^top

subject area: English literature
language: English

Are you afraid of the f-word? Then this course is not for you... We will use novels and short stories by contemporary author Michèle Roberts to explore diverse topics of feminist theory from the late 1960s till today. The short stories of Playing Sardines will provide the basis for subject-matters such as romance writing, cooking, the maternal and gender in Roberts's works. We will then read A Piece of the Night as (among other things) a radical feminist novel, discuss excerpts from The Book of Mrs Noah (1987) on female writing, explore the subversion of mysticism and hagiography in Daughters of House, read Flesh and Blood as a meditation on gender prejudices and creative appropriation of French feminist theory, and scrutinize feminist history (or herstory) as depicted in Fair Exchange.

cover Flesh + Blood

Reading List ^top

(01) Playing Sardines (2001)
(02) A Piece of the Night (1978)
(03) The Book of Mrs Noah (1987, excerpts)
(04) Daughters of the House (1992)
(05) Flesh and Blood (1994, excerpts)
(05) Fair Exchange (1999)

Please keep in mind that the primary texts will be accompanied by a variety of theoretical texts that are mandatory reading for our discussions in class. You should therefore have finished reading at least Playing Sardines and A Piece of the Night by the beginning of summer term!

cover Fair Exchange

books you need to buy: Playing Sardines (Little, Brown, € 10,76), A Piece of the Night (Women's Press, € 11,95), Daughters of the House (Virago, € 11,95), Flesh and Blood (... if you can find a copy), Fair Exchange (Little, Brown, € 11,10)
Please keep in mind that shipping might take up to a fortnight (or even longer)!!

other texts: A reader will be provided for our first meeting.