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Recap 21-10-08
Recap 28-10-08
Recap 04-11-08
Recap 11-11-08
Recap 18-11-08
Recap 25-11-08
Recap 02-12-08
Recap 09-12-08
Recap 16-12-08
Recap 23-12-08
Recap 20-01-09
Recap 27-01-09

Visual Arts: The Pre-Raphaelites (expert group 11), Aubrey Beardsley
Handout Visual Arts
ppt Pre-Raphaelites (experts)
ppt Aubrey Beardsley

Science 2: Scientific Naturalism, Psychology, Psychical Research (expert group 10)
Background Reading Science 2
Handout Scientific Naturalism, W.B. Yeats
ppt Scientific Naturalism, Psychical Research (experts)
ppt Hysteria, Spiritualism

Science 1: Degeneration, Anthropology, Racial Science (expert group 09)
Background Reading Science 1
Questions Science 1
ppt Science 1

(Deviant) Sexual Identity 2: Men/Masculinity, the Dandy, Oscar Wilde (expert group 08)
Background Reading (Deviant) Sexual Identity 2
Handout (Deviant) Sexual Identity 2
ppt (Deviant) Sexual Identity 2 (experts)
ppt Homosexuality, Dorian, Trial

New Woman (expert group 07)
Background Reading New Woman
Handout New Woman
ppt New Woman
New Woman Cartoons

(Deviant) Sexual Identity 1: Femininity, Femme Fatale, Sexology (expert group 06)
Background Reading (Deviant) Sexual Identity 1
Questions (Deviant) Sexual Identity 1
ppt (Deviant) Sexual Identity 1 (experts)
ppt The Sublime

Empire (expert group 05)
Background Reading Empire
Handout Empire
ppt Empire (experts)
ppt Map 1897

Drama (expert group 04)
Background Reading Drama
Questions (group work)
ppt Drama (experts)
ppt Drama, Salomé

Poetry (expert group 03)
Background Reading Poetry
Handout Poetry
Questions (group work)
ppt Poetry

Realism vs. Fantastic Fiction (expert group 02)
Background Reading Realism vs. Fantastic Fiction
Questions (group work)
ppt Realism vs. Fantastic Fiction

Decadence + Aestheticism (expert group 01)
Background Reading Decadence + Aestheticism
Questions (group work)
ppt Decadence + Aestheticism

Background + Politics
Yeats, Autumn of the Body (Brainstorming)
Catchwords; Socialism, Radicalism, Anarchism
Outcast London, the Metropolis

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Course Schedule

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