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Background Fin de Siècle

Parody (Northanger Abbey)

Jacobean Gothic: The Duchess of Malfi
ppt Anatomy + the Female Body
Background + Contexts

Ann Radcliffe - Matthew Lewis
Lacan, Kristeva
ppt Male vs. Female Gothic, Sensibility, the Sublime
Walpole, Castle of Otranto

Introduction, Definitions
Results Reading Test
Reading Test

Course Schedule + Bibliography (no password)

Expert Groups ^top

Experts 8: contemporary Gothic 2 - Ghost Writer, neo-Victorian Gothic
ppt Ghost Writer
Background Reading Ghost Writer

Experts 7: contemporary Gothic 1 - Bloody Chamber, feminist Gothic
ppt Bloody Chamber
Background Reading Bloody Chamber

Experts 6: Dorian Gray - urban Gothic
ppt Dorian Gray
Background Reading Dorian Gray

Experts 5: Frankenstein 2 - monstrosity, phantom, crypts
ppt Frankenstein 2 - monstrosity, phantom, crypts
Background Reading monstrosity, phantom, crypts

Experts 4: Frankenstein 1 - Romanticism
ppt Frankenstein 1 - Romanticism
Background Reading Romanticism

Experts 3: Duchess of Malfi 2 - proto-Gothic 2
ppt Duchess of Malfi 2 - proto-Gothic
Background Reading proto-Gothic

Experts 2: Duchess of Malfi 1 - revenge tragedy, proto-Gothic 1
ppt Duchess of Malfi 1 - revenge
Background Reading Revenge Tragedy

Experts 1: generic development 3 - the abject, the phantom
ppt Phantom, Abject, Gothic as Poetics
Handout Phantom, Abject
Background Reading Phantom, Abject

Recaps, Muddy Points + Open Questions ^top

Recaps, Muddy Points + Open Questions
Recap 11-07-13
Recap 11-07-06
Recap 11-06-29, Muddy Points 09
Recap 11-06-22
Recap 11-06-15
Recap 11-06-08, Muddy Points 06
Recap 11-06-01, Muddy Points 05
Recap 11-05-25, Muddy Points 04
Recap 11-05-18
Muddy Points, Open Questions Session 03

Independent Study Group ^top

Tasks ISG
ISG 5: Final Assessment
ISG 4: Anne Williams (Art of Darkness: A Poetics of Gothic)
ISG 3: Sue Chaplin (Gothic and the Law)
ISG 2: Assessment Clive Bloom
ISG 1: Clive Bloom

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