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Hamlet: Film Versions
PowerPoint Kenneth Branagh high: 0,9 MB
PowerPoint Kenneth Branagh low: 0,2 MB
PowerPoint Laurence Olivier high: 0,8 MB
PowerPoint Laurence Olivier low: 0,2 MB
PowerPoint Hamlets on the Screen

John Updike, Gertrude and Claudius
Group Work: Questions for Discussion
The Names

Comic Relief
PowerPoint Fifteen Minute Hamlet
Characteristics of Postmodernism

Millais Ophelia

William Shakespeare, Hamlet
PowerPoint Ophelia Visual Arts high: 1,0 MB
PowerPoint Ophelia Visual Arts low: 0,3 MB
PowerPoint Four Humours
PowerPoint Four Humours (presentation)
Hamlet Quotations Quiz
Hamlet Quotations Quiz - Answers

Background: Elizabethan World Picture + Theatre, the Text
Elizabethan World Picture
PowerPoint Elizabethan World Picture high: 0,9 MB
PowerPoint Elizabethan World Picture low: 0,2 MB

Introductory Quizzes
How to be a Hamlet (Jasper Fforde)
Hamlet Quiz
Hamlet Quiz Answers

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