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The Woman Question

Introduction Gothic

Eighteenth-Century Law + Literature
The Bloody Code
ppt Eigtheenth Century

Revenge Tragedy
Bacon, Of Revenge

Theory: Law as Performance

The English Legal System
English Legal System
Map Early Modern London
ppt Early Modern London

Law + Literature
ppt Law + Literature
Brainstorming Law + Literature

Course Schedule + Bibliography (no password)

Muddy Points + Open Questions ^top

Muddy Points + Open Questions
Session 11: English Legal System 3 (Victorian Woman Question)
Session 10: Castle of Otranto
Session 09: English Legal System 2
Session 08: White Devil 2
Session 07: White Devil 1
Session 05: Merchant of Venice 2
Session 04: Merchant of Venice 1
Session 03: English Legal System 1
Session 02: Law and Literature

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