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Term Paper
Sample Abstract
Information Term Chapter

Some Conclusions

Cruikshank's Fagin Illustrations

Film Training

ppt Postcolonialism

ppt Hysteria

ppt Oliver Twist 1 - Popular Culture

Dickens's London

Course Schedule + Bibliography (no password)

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Experts 11: JD Sharpe, Oliver Twisted
ppt Sharpe, Oliver Twisted
Handout JD Sharpe, Oliver Twisted

Experts 10: Roman Polanski, Oliver Twist
ppt Polanski, Oliver Twist
Handout Polanski, Oliver Twist

Experts 9: Carol Reed, Oliver!
ppt Reed, Oliver!
Handout Reed, Oliver!

Experts 8: Dickens, Adaptation + Popular Culture
ppt Dickens, Adaptation + Popular Culture
Handout Dickens, Adaptation + Popular Culture

Experts 7: Carey, ppt Jack Maggs 2

Experts 6: Carey, ppt Jack Maggs 1

Experts 5: Jones, Mister Pip 2
ppt Jones, Mister Pip 2
Handout Jones, Mister Pip 2

Expert 4: Jones, Mister Pip 1
ppt Jones, Mister Pip 1
Handout Jones, Mister Pip 1

Experts 3: Dickens, Great Expectations 2
ppt Dickens, Great Expectations 2
Handout Dickens, Great Expectations 2

Experts 2: Dickens, Great Expectations 1
ppt Dickens, Great Expectations 1
Handout Dickens, Great Expectations 1

Experts 1: Dickens, Oliver Twist 2
ppt Dickens, Oliver Twist 2
Handout Dickens, Oliver Twist 2

Recaps, Muddy Points + Open Questions ^top

Recaps, Muddy Points + Open Questions
Session 13: Polanski, Oliver Twist
Session 12: Reed, Oliver!
Session 11: Dickens, Adaptation + Popular Culture
Session 10: Carey, Jack Maggs 2
Session 09: Carey, Jack Maggs 1
Session 08: Jones, Mister Pip 2
Session 07: Jones, Mister Pip 1
Session 06: Dickens, Great Expectations 2
Session 05: Dickens, Great Expectations 1
Session 04: Dickens, Oliver Twist 2
Session 03: Dickens, Oliver Twist 1
Session 02: Dickens's London

Independent Study Group ^top

Independent Study Group
ISG 09-14: Dickens + Popular Culture
ISG 01-08: Claire Tomalin, Charles Dickens

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