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PS Poco Shakespeares : Course Description

Course Description ^top

subject area: literature and cultural studies
language: English
reading: William Shakespeare, Othello (1604), The Merchant of Venice (1596), The Tempest (1611); Marina Warner, Indigo (1992)
additional reading: A reader with mandatory texts on post-colonial theory and film will be available in the seminar library by April 2008.
films: Orson Welles, Othello (1952); Vishal Bharadwaj, Omkara (2006)
Film screenings will take place directly after class. Attendance is mandatory!

Tempest Shipwreck

Excitement and blank verse! The bard and racism! Othello and Bollywood! Race equals religion! Caliban writes back! Sounds exciting? Then this seminar might be just right for you!
Are you sick and tired of… sitting around and waiting until the session is over? … reading only the summaries on SparkNotes? … waiting for someone else to answer the questions? … preparing for the session that is relevant for your 'Hausarbeit' and that's that?!? Want to try something different? Something new?
Here's the deal: In this course, we will explore three of Shakespeare's plays (Othello, The Merchant of Venice and The Tempest) and several adaptations (Warner's Indigo, Welles's Othello, Bhardwaj's Omkara) and approach them from a post-colonial angle. However, this is not an ordinary course: after several 'conventional' sessions in order to introduce the plays, theories, and adaptations, we (and you!) will prepare a course-conference (this is not a simulation!). You will have four weeks to prepare conference papers (which will later become your 'Hausarbeit'); a seminare 'wiki'-page is there for you to discuss your progress and results as well as to support you during this preparatory phase. The conference will take place at a weekend (4th/5th of July 2008) and consists of a keynote lecture, your conference papers, lively discussions, and, naturally, a conference dinner. You can then use the feedback on your paper to finalise your essay.


Reading List ^top

(01) William Shakespeare, Othello (1604) (Arden edition, € 13,95)
(02) William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice (1596) (Arden edition, € 14,31)
(03) William Shakespeare, The Tempest (1611) (Arden edition, € 13,95)
(04) Marina Warner, Indigo (1992) (€ 13,85)

Please keep in mind that the reading load for this course is relatively heavy during the firsts weeks of the semester. You should therefore have finished reading at least Othello and The Merchant of Venice by the beginning of the summer term - preferably all primary texts!