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On these pages, you can download current course schedules and bibliographies (no password) as well as handouts and the PowerPoint-presentations used in class (password protected: username U1415, password announced in class). You can also browse the archive for information on previous courses.

The following information applies to all of my courses:
All courses - with the exception of the 'Examensvorbereitendes Seminar' - are taught in English; please note that active participation in class discussions and regular attendance (i.e. you must not miss class more than twice) are compulsory for all students. If you fail to attend regularly, you will have to hand in written papers on the text(s) covered in the session(s) you missed in order to achieve the workload assigned to the course. Please prepare required reading carefully and bring along your text! I will exclude students who fail to do so from class sessions.

For Grundseminar Literature and Aufbauseminar Literature, these are the prerequisites for admission to the written examination: preparation of texts as indicated in the course schedule; Grundseminar: research assignment, footnote presentation; Aufbauseminar: abstract of an academic essay, brief oral presentation.
In a Proseminar, the following tasks are mandatory for all students: preparatory reading; reading responses (concise answers of 100-150 words to questions issued in class); and a brief oral presentation (10 minutes; handout includes the recapitulation of last session). The formulation of an essay topic is your task (i.e. there is no list of topics you can choose from). By the end of term, you should have thought about a topic that derives from our class discussions and talked to me about your ideas. If your essay topic has not been approved by me (in either my office hours or an individual appointment) I will not accept your essay. Please note that compliance with the criteria regarding form and content of academic essays is part of your grade - you can consult the meta-essay 'Wie schreibe ich eine Hausarbeit?' (see below) for detailed information on content, structure, quotations and bibliography. Have a look at 'Bewertung von Hausarbeiten' if you want to find out which criteria I use for the grading of your essay. Deadline for essays is usually 3 weeks after the term has ended.
Similar requirements are valid for a Hauptseminar: preparatory reading; each student (including guests) will join an expert group that is in charge of preparing and structuring one class session. For the development of essays topics see above, topics should have been approved by me by the end of term. Deadline for essays is 6 weeks after the term has ended.

How to write a term paper:
How to write a term paper v.06-17
Bewertung von PS-Arbeiten
Bewertung von HS-Arbeiten

Please also consult the 'Anglistik'-homepage for our department's style sheet for written assignments; for open questions, try Purdue OWL (Purdue University Online Writing Lab) for a very detailed MLA Formatting and Style Guide. On StudOn, the university library offers tutorials and information on research.

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