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Minute Papers
MP 12: The Short Story - Introduction
MP 11: John Fowles, French Lieutenant's Woman
MP 10: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
MP 09: Inventing the Novel
MP 08: Pinter, Birthday Party
MP 07: Wilde, Importance of Being Earnest
MP 06: Shakespeare, Othello
MP 05: Overview Shakespearean Drama
MP 04: 20th-Century Poetry
MP 03: Ballad - Dramatic Monologue - Ode
MP 02: Sonnet

ppt Woolf, 'Kew Gardens'
ppt Postmodernism
Handout Postmodernism
Jane Austen: Money Matters + Class
Development of the Novel
Beginning Tom Jones
Novel (repetition)

Theatre of the Absurd
Wilde, Importance of Being Earnest
Shakespeare's Plays
Drama (repetition)

Ballad, Dramatic Monologue, Ode
ppt Ballad, Dramatic Monologue, Ode
Poetry Terminology Worksheet (repetition)
Poetry Terminology Solution

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