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Minute Papers
Session 03: Body + Cosmos
Session 04: Religion, Science + Magic
Session 05: Henry VIII (1)
Session 06: Henry VIII (2), Theatre
Session 07: Theatre, Other Boleyn Girl (1)
Session 08: Other Boleyn Girl (2), Anatomy
Session 09: Gender Relations, The Tudors
Session 10: Portraits of Elizabeth (1), Blackadder
Session 11: Cult of Elizabeth
Session 12: Portraits 2, Elizabeth (1998)

Elizabeth Ermine Portrait

Elizabeth/Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Portraits of Elizabeth 1
ppt Portraits of Elizabeth (2), Elizabeth (1998)
ppt Presentation Elizabeth
Analysis Elizabeth
Analysis Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Blackadder, Portraits of Elizabeth 1
Analysis Blackadder
ppt Portraits of Elizabeth (1), Blackadder
ppt Presentation Blackadder

Michael Hirst, The Tudors
Film Training
Analysis The Tudors
ppt The Tudors

ppt Anatomy + the Female Body

Philippa Gregory, The Other Boleyn Girl
Debate - Pro: History
Debate - Contra: Genre
Debate - Results

King Henry VIII, the Theatre
Henry VIII - Quiz, Background, Topics
ppt Henry VIII
ppt Theatre

Burton, Bacon + Plato

Great Chain of Being
Handout Great Chain of Being
ppt Body + Cosmos

Brainstorming Session 01
The Tudors - A Chronology

Course Schedule, Literature (no password)
Everything you always wanted to know...

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