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Total Recall...

Film Analysis Ran

PowerPoint Taymor, Titus (high: 1,2 MB)
PowerPoint Taymor, Titus (low: 0,9 MB)
Lacan, Kristeva
Film Analysis Titus
Handout Titus (Andronicus)

for bfi-handouts and film glossary see seminar-folder in the library!

PowerPoint Polanski, Macbeth (high: 1,5 MB)
PowerPoint Polanski, Macbeth (low: 0,4 MB)
Film Analysis Macbeth
Introductory Quiz Macbeth

Lady Macbeth

PowerPoint Bedlam

Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization
PowerPoint Ship of Fools
Foucault, Madness and Civilization

Revenger's Tragedy
PowerPoint Danse Macabre, Anatomy (high: 1,7 MB)
PowerPoint Danse Macabre, Anatomy (low: 0,4 MB)

Spanish Tragedy
Overview: History of Madness
PowerPoint Kyd (Madness), Four Humours
Introductory Quiz

Background, Contexts
Background, Contexts
PowerPoint Background, Contexts (high: 0,6 MB)
PowerPoint Background, Contexts (low: 0,1 MB)

Organisation (no password)
Schedule, Assignments
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